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Electic Car Report 2011, Available Now

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Published in February 2011, Trend Tracker Automotive's latest electric car report offers an unrivalled study of the electric car market including an in-depth review of the electric car technologies, electric cars and electric car battery developments

The new electric car report also forecasts the uptake of electric cars as a real alternative to existing petrol and diesel vehicles

UK Electric Car Report

Trend Tracker Electric Car Report

Trend Tracker's critical survey of the re-emergence of the electric vehicle was published on the 8th February and provides what is intended to be a uniquely broad view of the technology, energy demand and infrastructure that face electric car investors and governements.

3 Years of Electric Car Research

The electric car report is based on three years of researching the developments in the electric car and automotive industry, research which started before any electric car manufacturer launched their electric car plans

Electric Car Report Conents:

  • Electric car technology
  • Electric cars and power generation
  • Electric car recharging and the problems
  • Oil and other critical resource constraints
  • Electric car Market forecasts
  • Electric Car Business models
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The Trend Tracker Electric Car Report is available to download in online and is available in a single or five user licence format.

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Electric Car Report Forecasts


Trend Trackers report, looks at the future of the industry looking at the penetration of electric cars, fiscal policies and technology developments. Download Trend Tracker's electric car report 2011 for the latest in electric car market research.

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Electric Car Alternatives

Who is this electric car report for?

This report from Trend Tracker one of the UKs foremost automotive research companies, is based on strategic research and three years of tracking developments in the EV and automotive sectors. The report is for electric carinvestors, politicians, environmentalists and senior executives in the automotive and power utility sectors.

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